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Library Facilities Survey

  1. The San Marcos Public Library is currently conducting a facilities masterplan. Help us plan a bright future for your library. Please take a few minutes to tell us how you would like to see the library grow and change in the coming years.

  2. What is your gender?*

  3. Which one of the following groups includes your age?*

  4. We would like you to tell us what library programs, resources, or services are important to you. For each of the following, please tell us if it is: Very Important; Important; Not Very Important; Not Important at All; or Don't Know/No Comment.

  5. Books for All Age Groups*

  6. E-books*

  7. DVDs and Audio Books*

  8. Current Magazines*

  9. Local History and Genealogy*

  10. Public Computers*

  11. Scanners, Printers, Copiers*

  12. Computer Classes*

  13. Literacy and GED Classes*

  14. Programs for Children and Teens*

  15. Early Literacy Computers*

  16. Leisure Learning Programs*

  17. Video Conferencing*

  18. Large Meeting Rooms*

  19. Small Conference Rooms*

  20. Quiet Study Rooms*

  21. Computer Classroom*

  22. Hands-On Creative Spaces*

  23. Reading Nooks for Kids*

  24. Special Area for Teens*

  25. Comfortable Lounge Seating*

  26. Study Carrels*

  27. Laptop Areas With Power Outlets*

  28. Self Check Out Stations*

  29. Coffee and Snack Area*

  30. Solar Panels*

  31. Rainwater Catchment*

  32. Parking*

  33. Bike Racks*

  34. Drive Through Book Return*

  35. Outdoor Seating Areas*

  36. Leave This Blank: