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River Shuttle Franchise Application

  1. Chapter 90 of the San Marcos City Code requires operators of River Shuttles to obtain a franchise in order to operate a River Shuttle on any street within the San Marcos City limits. Due in part to the City’s limited resources, and the limited parking and pickup facilities in the Rio Vista area, the City limits the number of franchises that will be granted.

  2. Business Information
  3. Example: Guided tour with kayak rental

  4. Example: Canoes, kayaks, tubes

  5. Primary Contact/Business Owner Information
  6. Vehicle Information
  7. Additional Information
  8. Please provide a map detailing the proposed route(s) that you will use to operate you shuttle(s). On this map, clearly mark all pick-up and drop-off points for passengers or river recreational equipment.

  9. If you operate from property located within the City limits, please provide a map that clearly indicates the number and location of off-street parking spaces as required in Section 90.312 of the River Shuttle Ordinance.


  10. Please upload a copy of the declaration page(s), ACCORD sheet, or other similar proof showing that you have obtained insurance as required by Section 90.314 of the River Shuttle Ordinance.

  11. The Parks and Recreation Department will review your application and a representative will contact you in 5-7 business days. Payment will be collected upon approval and a permit will then be issued.

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