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SMFD Firefighter / Firetruck Request Form

  1. Truck 1 Visit
  2. Kids Exploring the Fire Truck
  3. FF showing kids his gear
  4. I understand that the San Marcos Fire Department will not participate in any private events. All event requests must be open to the public.*
  5. *Requests must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the date requested for the fire station visit. Firetruck presentations/visits will visit for a maximum of two hours and generally during regular business hours. This request is subject to fire department scheduling and the final date/time will be determined by the fire department based on availability.

    *Visits are limit to 2-hours max. 

  6. In case the first date and time isn't available, is there another date/time we can look at?
  7. Please complete the following information.
  8. Reason for visit
  9. PDFs, Word, and Picture files are all acceptable.
  10. Required to schedule a fire truck visit. Please note, SMFD may only visit events within San Marcos City Limits.
  11. *Approximate
  12. All fire apparatus will need easy access in and out of businesses in case of an emergency call. We will need at least 36 feet to park. If this is a public event, the fire department will need an dedicated area with easy in/out access.
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