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Water System Lead and Copper Monitoring Survey

  1. The City’s Water Department is requesting the assistance of residents who are served by the City’s Public Water System to volunteer for an important public drinking water monitoring program. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires the City of San Marcos to conduct periodic water quality testing of its drinking water. The TCEQ is requiring our water system to conduct monitoring for Lead and Copper during two six-month back to back monitoring periods. The testing process will require selected City of San Marcos water customers to take a one-time sample of their drinking water from either a kitchen or bathroom cold faucet during each of the two monitoring periods. The drinking water samples will be collected by the Water Quality Services Section and will be sent to a TCEQ approved laboratory. The drinking water samples will be analyzed for Lead and Copper and results will be submitted to TCEQ to comply with State and Federal requirements. The City will provide the sampling containers and instructions. The City will provide all services free of charge and all participants will be notified of their individual results. Volunteers must be able to collect one water sample during each of the Monitoring Periods, two samples total. If a volunteer cannot collect during both periods then they should not assist, e.g. their lease ends or they move for some other reason. For those employees who are willing to participate, please complete the customer survey form. People volunteered during the 2015 Lead and Copper event will not need to send in a survey if their residential address has not changed, simply contact Ron Riggins ( or Bryan Lowry ( if they wish to participate.

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