Community Survey

The City of San Marcos conducts a citizen survey each year to gauge how residents of our community rate City services. In 2016, the survey was conducted by Texas State University's Center for Research, Public Policy & Training. 

Summary of Key Findings 

Benchmarks provide a standard by which the findings below can be gauged. If the percent of respondents who rate the service area as good or excellent is greater than 80%, then this indicates that the city is providing a high quality.  Eighty percent good or excellent is a standard benchmark used by many cities.  If the percentage of respondents who rate the service as good or excellent is less than 60%, this indicates an area for improvement.   Because this survey has a margin of error of 5%, the benchmarks of 75% and 65% are used.

Based on these benchmarks we find the following high quality areas: 

  • Overall Quality of Life, the city as a place to live, their own neighborhood, the city as a place to raise children, and the city as a place to retire
  • Quality of Life Services such as downtown events, parks, trails, the public library and recreation programs
  • Police, Fire, EMS, and Fire Prevention
  • Municipal Court
  • Garbage collection and recycling
  • Satisfaction with citizen interaction

The following are areas for improvement:

  • Overall value of city services, for taxes paid
  • Availability of businesses and quality of new development
  • Employment opportunities
  • Housing availability
  • All aspects of mobility (car travel, traffic flow, parking, paths and trails, walking and biking)
  • Code and traffic enforcement
  • All aspects of streets (repair, lighting, cleaning, traffic signals)

Full results of the 2016 survey are available for download here.