Burn Ban Information

Areas in the San Marcos city limits are prohibited from burning at all times.

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Fire Department Opens in new window*The burn ban is for the areas of Hays County only.* 

If you live in the County, burn ban rules apply. 

Open Burning of Brush, Trash or Debris

Open burning of brush, trash or debris within the City Limits of San Marcos is prohibited at all times. (Municipal Code: 307.1) To report violations in the City Limits, please call 512-753-2108.

Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking Concerning 3 or More Units or Multi-Story Apartments - (Municipal Code: 308.1.4)

It is unlawful to use or store a charcoal burner, open flame, LP gas burner, outdoor grill, electric grill, barbecue, or other outdoor cooking appliance, electric or with open flame on the premises of a residential building with three or more dwelling units or of a multi-family residential building with two or more stories. The provision does not apply to the use of permanently mounted outdoor cooking devices located ten or more feet from any structure.

Read the grilling safety fact sheet (PDF) for more information.

 County Burn Bans

Hays, Caldwell, Guadalupe and Comal County Burn Bans are set by the respective County Commissioners.

To confirm Burn Ban status in Hays County and notify authorities you are going to burn in Hays County call the Hays County Sheriff’s Department dispatch at 512-393-7896.

Check Burn Ban Status

  • Hays County on the Hays County Website or call the Hays County Burn Ban Information Line at 512-393-7339.
  • Comal County on the Comal County Website or call the Comal County Burn Ban Information Line at 830-643-3748.
  • Caldwell County on the Caldwell County Website or call the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office at 512-398-6747.
  • Guadalupe County on the Guadalupe County Website or call the Guadalupe County Fire Marshal at 830-303-9702.

Ready, Set, Go! Wildland Fire Action Guide - Saving Lives & Property Through Advance Planning

Read Wildland Action Guide (PDF) to provide you with the tips and tools you need to prepare for a wildland fire threat; have situational awareness when a fire starts; and to leave early. Successfully preparing for a wildland fire enables you to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and your property.

City Fire Marshal’s Office

Email the Fire Marshal's Office for the City of San Marcos or call 512-805-2600.

The San Marcos Marshals office is an organization that is responsible for the operation and management of Code Enforcement, Inspections, and Fire Prevention.

For more information see the Fire Marshal page.