Mural Arts Grant Program

The City of San Marcos is offering grants and design assistance to artists in an effort to place murals on private property throughout the city.

“Murals can enliven an otherwise drab alley or parking lot and add to the character and sense of place in a community,” said Amy Kirwin, Solid Waste Coordinator. “Murals can also beautify an area by covering and preventing graffiti."
Mermaid and sea life mural painted on a park building
The program is sponsored by the San Marcos Mural Arts Program and the San Marcos Arts Commission using money allocated from the City’s hotel occupancy tax collections.

Application Criteria

Applications are accepted year-round and are judged on the following criteria:
  • Ability to complete the project
  • Ability to promote tourism
  • Appropriateness of the mural design and location
  • Artistic excellence
  • Impact of Mural Arts Grant funds on the project
  • Impact on the community
  • Intricacy of design
  • Visibility
  • “Wow” factor


The Mural Arts Committee will fund up to 50% of the cost of materials and supplies and the full cost of a final clear coat of the mural. The committee will also pay an artist honorarium according to the following scale:
Mural Size
Artist Honorarium Pay
100-150 Square Feet Up to $1,500
151-200 Square Feet Up to $2,000
201-250 Square Feet Up to $2,500
Above 251 Square Feet To Be Determined by the Committee


Applicants must agree to include the San Marcos Mural Arts logo on the mural, recognize the San Marcos Mural Arts program in any press or advertising, allow the City to conduct a dedication ceremony, allow use of the mural image for promotional purposes, and accommodate any other reasonable requests made by the Mural Arts Committee.

Contact Information

For more information about the San Marcos Mural Arts Grant Program, please email Lisa Morris or call her at 512-393-8400.