The San Marcos Police Records Division is staffed Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and can be reached at (512) 754-2200. The records division maintains police reports and arrest records by processing necessary paperwork. The records division is tasked with processing open-records requests/public information (Freedom of Information Act) requests, or accident reports. 

If you need to pick-up property or evidence, you will need to go through our evidence division. San Marcos Police Department Evidence Unit releases property by appointment only. Please complete the form below and submit in-person to the records window or email to REQUEST FOR PROPERTY RETURN

For jail-specific questions or concerns regarding bookings, please reach out to the jail at Hays County Sherriff's Office (512) 393-7800.

Requests can not be processed over the phone or via email, but they can be done in writing, in person, or online. 

  1. Records

    Physical Address
    2300 IH 35 South
    San Marcos, TX 78666

  2. Angela Gonzales

    Records Supervisor

  1. Online Requests
  2. In Person Requests

Requests can be made online through the links provided. Incident records or basic information reports must be requested in person. 

Request Type
Request Description
Online Portal
Accident Report-TxDOT*
This report is a Texas Department of Transportation crash report. Reporting an accident does not necessarily mean that an accident report was generated. When an accident report is not written, an incident record can be obtained instead. Texas Transportation Code §550.065. For questions or assistance with the CRIS system, call 844-274-7457.
Accident Report-LexisNexis*
An additional way to request an accident report is through LexisNexis. Please be aware that a LexisNexis report will not be certified. Certified reports will need to be requested through TxDOT. A non-certified report can be obtained more quickly through LexisNexis. For questions or assistance with the LexisNexis system, call 866-215-2771. 
Open Records Request
Per the Office of Attorney General Public Information Act (Freedom of Information Act), citizens are able to request public information from government entities. This may be done through GovQA. Dependent on the type of request

*Currently, there are two separate ways to purchase an accident report online. There is no preferred way to purchase and both resources have access to the same reports. Both are provided above so that you may have access to relevant tools.