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The City can provide information about the location of your property in relation to a Special Flood Hazard Area, elevation certificates, flood maps, floodway, local drainage problems, flood depth data, historical flooding, natural floodplain functions, flood safety and flood preparedness information. To help you learn more about the flood hazard in San Marcos, and what you can do about it, the City has available online more information to assist you in being prepared for flooding in San Marcos.

Flood Insurance

Please learn more about flood insurance because homeowner's insurance policies do not cover you for flood damage. You can also learn more about what you can do to keep your life and property safe in a flood. Also, learn about the floodplain and regulations that help protect you from losses in a flood situation. To help you get an idea of where the highest risk of flooding in San Marcos is, excerpts from the national flood insurance rate map are also available online.

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