Juvenile Court


The San Marcos Municipal Court has jurisdiction over juveniles charged with a Class "C" misdemeanor issued by a city police agency (SMPD, Marshals, Park Rangers). A juvenile is a person that is at least 10 years of age but younger than 17 years of age. All juveniles and parents/guardians are required by state law to appear for all scheduled court proceedings. Failing to appear for these proceedings can result in additional charges.

Juvenile Court Proceedings 

  • All juvenile cases will be handled by the Juvenile Case Coordinator (JCC); their information can be located at the bottom of the page. The JCC will schedule the juvenile and parents/guardians for an intake and a court date. These dates will be sent by mail to the address on the citation. Once these dates are received, please call the JCC and confirm attendance. All contact information for the court will be enclosed in the documents mailed.
    • Intake: The intake will be a meeting with the JCC. Questions pertaining to the charge(s) filed and family background information will be asked. The answers to these questions help the JCC consider situational factors that could impede the completion of court-ordered sanctions. The options available for case closure will all be explained. All relevant information will then be relayed to the prosecutor and judge to ensure an appropriate sentence. Contact the JCC for any further questions or concerns.
    • Juvenile Court Date: The judge will meet with the juvenile and parents/guardians to review their understanding of their rights and disposition options for the charge and take a plea from the juvenile. These court hearings are scheduled on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 4:00 PM. This date can be confirmed with the JCC.

Teen Court

  • Teen Court is offered to teens who have been charged with a misdemeanor offense. This program is an alternate dismissal option for juvenile offenders. The individual cases are defended and prosecuted by teen attorneys, and the verdict is rendered by a jury of teens or by the Teen Court Judge.
  • New Applicants: Applicants that can participate should be between the ages of 13-16 years old. Please contact our Juvenile Case Coordinator for the current Teen Court scheduled dates; their information is provided below. The link below is an application that must be completed and turned in. This submission can be made in person or via email. 

Juvenile Case Coordinator Contact Information:  Kristian Marez | Direct Phone Number: (512) 393.8191 | Email: kmarez@sanmarcotx.gov