Educate & Prevent

Environmental Education

KSMB works directly with schools and organizations by providing presentations, hands-on activities, and service-learning projects that promote environmental sustainability. Keep San Marcos Beautiful offers many educational tools for children and adults to teach proper recycling and composting practices, the effects of graffiti on the community and prevention, how to beautify the community, and how to prevent litter. If you would like to schedule a presentation or desire educational materials for your school, class, youth or civic/service group, please email the KSMB Coordinator.

Mural Arts

The San Marcos Mural Arts Program uses murals to deter graffiti and beautify our city. Local artist are working directly with members of the community who are interested in assisting in creating and implementing art pieces throughout the city. The main focus of placement for murals is on commonly tagged areas is to discourage future graffiti of the area. Throughout this process, citizens will be educated on the negative effects that graffiti has on the city, while allowing for positive self expression leading to a greater sense of community. Learn how to prevent graffiti.

Learn more about the San Marcos Mural Arts online

Litter Prevention

KSMB partners with organizations and events in the city to reduce waste and prevent litter. Educating the community on preventing litter and waste is the most important aspect of achieving these goals. We do this through getting the community involved in cleanups, adopting spots, and waste education about recycling and composting.