Green Waste Cart Service

The City of San Marcos has partnered with Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) to provide green waste disposal to homes in San Marcos.

Green Waste Items

Green waste includes organic material such as:
  • Grass, plants, small branches and leaves
  • Soiled paper such as napkins, dirty cardboard, to-go pizza boxes and paper towels
If you have more material than will fit in your cart, you can place it in a paper yard bag and place next to your cart on service day. TDS will pick up everything without calling it in.

Items Not Accepted

Items such as meat, dairy, pet waste, treated wood (e.g. stained, painted, or particle board), paper board (e.g. soda or packaging cartons), plastic bags and Styrofoam may not be placed in the green waste carts

The green waste program was adopted after a successful 2-year pilot program to approximately 700 San Marcos homes.

Cart Guidelines

Carts must be at the curb by 7 a.m. on their designated pick-up day and placed 5 feet apart for pick-up. Remove carts from the curb by 9 p.m. on your service day. Your green waste cart service day is based on the trash service day. Reference the table below and check the 2017 Service Calendar. Weeks are alternating white and grey.