Kitten Season

Kitten Season

Kitten Season, better known as the feline breeding season, occurs every year from March through October. During this season, the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter experiences many kittens brought into the shelter by citizens. Because of that, the shelter can get overwhelmed very quickly. We wouldn't be able to care for all the kittens that come into the shelter without the help of our wonderful fosters. If you find kittens and aren't sure what to do, check out our helpful tips below!

Did you find a kitten outside? WAIT! Read these tips before picking it up:

  • If the kittens look clean and bright-eyed, leave the kittens alone. Mom is feeding them regularly, and they're not in danger. 
  • Keep in mind, you may not see mombut she sees you, and she is probably waiting for you to leave so she can care for them!
  • If the kittens look dirty or sick or are meowing loudly, mom may be injured or dead. Come back to the nest after a few hours. If the kittens look the same and are in the same spot, they may need your help.

What to do for a kitten in need:

  • You can do this! Check out Kitten Lady to determine how old your kitten is. Each stage of life needs slightly different care. We are here to support you and help you find adopters once the kitten is old enough – about 2 pounds or 8 weeks old!
  • Keep them fed, keep them warm, keep them clean. Grab some kitten milk replacer & bottles from a feed store if you find a kitten under 5 weeks old. If the kitten is older, stop at your local grocery or pet store for wet kitten food. 
    • Kittens under 5 weeks old (weighing less than a pound) need a heating pad. Turn it on low so the kitten can snuggle on it and stay warm.
    • Dish soap works wonders to bathe kittens. Just make sure to dry them off after their kitten bath! (hairdryers work great!)
  • Seek medical attention if the kitten’s eyes are crusty or closed, it’s not eating, or it appears injured. Your local veterinarian can help. 
  • We are here if you need us. If you live in Hayes County, Buda, Kyle, or San Marcos and need supplies to care for a found kitten or are unable to care for it, contact the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter at (512) 805-2655. 

Can't foster?

If you're unable to foster but would like to donate to the shelter, you can make a finical donation through Mutt Strutt San Marcos. You can also buy items from our Amazon Wishlist - we have all our shelter "wishes" listed! All you have to do is select an item or two and have them shipped directly to the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter. Visit our donation page for more information!

Items needed during kitten season:

  • Kitten Milk Replacer (and lots of it!)
  • Puppy Milk Replacer
  • Miracle Nipples (mini nipples are the perfect size!)
  • Heating pads
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