About the Project

This project will resolve nuisance drainage issues along County Road, Uhland Road and parts of River Road during storm events. The project includes:

Full depth reconstruction of County Road and Uhland Road between IH-35 and approximately 200 ft. south of the Aquarena Springs Dr. intersection. A roundabout at the intersection of Uhland Road and River Road.

A bike lane will be provided on the north side of the road way between IH-35 Frontage Road and the low water crossing at River Road.

A stormwater drainage system will be installed along County and Uhland Roads with a new outfall to the Blanco River. 

A sidewalk extension up to 10 foot width along Uhland Road to Aquarena Springs Drive. 

Lighting around the River Road and Aquarena Springs Dr. intersection. 

Additional bus stop and upgrading two existing bus stops along Uhland Road.  

Water and wastewater improvements along County Road and Uhland Road. 

Uhland Exhibit