What to Do When Sirens Go Off

If you are outdoors when the sirens go off

If you are outdoors when the outdoor warning sirens are activated seek shelter immediately. If shelter is not available and severe weather is in the area lie in a ditch, ravine, culvert or low-lying area. Make sure that the low-lying area that you choose is not prone to flooding. Use your arms or a piece of clothing to protect your head and neck.

If you are in a mobile home or a vehicle

Mobile homes and vehicles are extremely vulnerable to the effects of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. One third of tornado deaths nationwide occur in mobile homes. Residents of mobile home parks should have a designated shelter in the community or a plan for residents to evacuate to an off-site shelter location.

Find out about the tornado shelter plan in your community. If there is no time to get to shelter, abandon the mobile home or vehicle and lie flat in the nearest ditch or depression with your hands covering your head. Never try to out run a tornado.