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Announcement: Human Services Grant Recommendations!

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The Board currently meets every Tuesday at 7:00pm. Please click on an agenda below for more information on topics and how to participate.


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The City of San Marcos Human Services Advisory Board is currently reviewing applications from human services agencies, which are defined as organizations that seek to improve the quality of their clients’ lives by providing, facilitating, or recommending support for an array of basic, social, physical health, housing, and mental health services to clients in need within the community.

This year, the City has allocated $999,120 for human services grants. $150,000 of the funding may be restricted to programs that respond directly to effects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

An optional applicant workshop was held Thursday, August 12, 2021, at 2:00 pm. This will be a virtual meeting. A link to the meeting will be provided on this page on the day of the meeting, and will enable all attendees to participate and ask questions. Spanish translation will be available.

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For more information, email or call Carol Griffith at 512.393.8147. 

 Applicant Workshop Link

.Click here for the August 12, 2021 workshop recording

Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated by the Human Services Advisory Board based on, but not necessarily limited to the following criteria. The Board makes a recommendation to the City Council, which decides the final allocation of funding.

1. Community Need and Justification: Maximum of 25 Points

The program will be evaluated on the documentation and justification of the need for the activity in the City of San Marcos. 

2. Impact and Cost Effectiveness: Maximum of 25 Points

The program will be evaluated on:

  • amount of overhead compared to program costs
  • impact on the identified need
  • implementation costs compared to impact
  • use of available resources (financial, staff, volunteer)
  • leveraged resources from other funding sources.

3. Implementation: Maximum of 25 Points

The program will be evaluated on the following factors:

  • The application demonstrates that resources needed to manage the proposed activity are available and ready.
  • Applicant has clearly defined objectives focusing on results and measurable outcomes vs. only program activities descriptions and numbers served. 
  • NOTE: In future years, this item will include an evaluation of past performance of programs funded by Human Services funding.

4. Community Support: Maximum of 25 Points

The program will be evaluated on the following factors:

  • A minimum of three and maximum of five letters of reference are provided that indicate strong local support for the program and the agency’s ability to implement it as described in the application.
  • Evidence that volunteers play a vital role in the program or agency’s operation.
  • Evidence that board members are actively involved in and supportive of the agency

 La asistencia está disponible en español; por favor llama Lorena Escobar 512-805-2644,