Main Lift Station Force Main

This project will replace two existing 20” concrete force main pipes with two 24” PVC pipes. The project limits begin at the main lift station close to the intersection of IH-35 and River Road and extend to the wastewater treatment plant. 

A bulk reclaimed water filling station is proposed with this project, as well as a 12” reclaimed waterline from the intersection of River Road and Cape Road to an existing line inside the wastewater treatment plant. 

An electric duct bank consisting of (6) 6” PVC primary conduits with (1) 6” secondary line and (3) 4” telecommunication conduits is proposed for installation from the lift station along the east side of River Road to the wastewater treatment plant. 

Also in the project are six storm sewer crossings along River Road proposed to address storm water runoff from the Blanco Gardens neighborhood. 

A 5’ x 5’ concrete box culvert will be added along River Road from Cape Road to Conway Drive. This is also associated with the overall Blanco Gardens Drainage Improvement project and has been added to this project due to its proximity to the neighborhood.