Commercial Lighting Retrofit Program

The City of San Marcos Commercial Lighting Retrofit Program encourages replacement of older inefficient lighting products with newer energy-efficient technologies. Common lighting upgrades include replacing existing T12 fluorescent lighting with T8 or T5 lighting systems, replacing incandescent, fluorescent or neon lighting with LED, replacing incandescent exit signs with LED, and installing lighting controls such as occupancy sensors. The lighting rebate program is open to all City of San Marcos multi-family, commercial, institutional and industrial electric customers.

Here's How it Works

  • Customer submits completed application (PDF) and lighting survey before installing new lighting products.
  • City staff will review application and funds availability, and if necessary will contact customer to schedule a pre-installation inspection.
  • City staff will issue a Letter of Approval to proceed with purchase/installation of new lighting products.
  • Customer purchases and installs new lighting products.
  • Upon project completion and no later than 90 days after date of Letter of Approval, customer submits the following: itemized purchase receipts; listing of brand, model and number of each new lighting product installed; and completed IRS W-9 Form.
  • City staff will review information, and contact customer to schedule a follow-up inspection. New lighting products must be installed and functional at the time of the inspection.
  • City will mail Final Approval Letter and rebate check within 4-6 weeks after follow-up inspection.
For more information email Devin Hussey or call 512-393-8308.