About the Project

Victory Gardens Neighborhood Improvements Phase I

Reconstruct streets, drainage, water and wastewater systems in the Victory Gardens Subdivision to improve the reliability of service to approximately 350 residential customers.

Victory Gardens Capture

Alabama, Arizona, Armstrong, Camacho, Churchill, Eisenhower, Georgia, Gomez, Hull, MacArthur, Patton, Railroad, Rodriguez, Roosevelt, Truman, Virginia, and Wavell are to be reconstructed in the North Section. Other improvements include the replacement of aged water, wastewater and storm sewer utilities and sidewalks. Up to 10 foot wide sidewalks are proposed along Patton from IH-35 to Roosevelt and on Roosevelt between Patton and Guadalupe.

The overhead electric line relocation is now complete. The final phase of this overhead utility work included relocation of telecommunication lines to the new poles installed by SMEU. Relocation of overhead utilities to underground conduit system is complete along Patton, Wavell, and Roosevelt.

The construction cost is estimated at $8,200,000 and is scheduled to take 2 years to complete.

This project will improve localized street flooding, street smoothness, overall sidewalk connectivity, and the water/wastewater systems.