C M Allen Parkway Reconstruction Project Details


the roadway opened to traffic in mid-December of 2019 after Sights and Sounds Christmas festival concludes.

CM Allen Overall Project Layout


CM Allen Project Improvements

The CM Allen improvements include reconstructing the roadway, 12-foot multi-use pathway from Hopkins to Dog Beach on riverside, 6-foot sidewalks on downtown side, 10-foot multi-use pathway link to river, street parallel parking, trees and landscaping, street and pedestrian lighting like downtown, cross walk at Hutchison, realignment of the Hutchison and river park parking lot intersections, and Green Infrastructure. 

The cross walk at Hutchison Street will be much shorter than it is today. Pedestrians will cross two lanes of traffic instead of four and a refuge will be included in median. These modifications will provide a safer crossing for pedestrians.

The green infrastructure for the project consists of four bio-retention areas that include filtration media and landscaping. These bio-retention areas capture storm runoff from impervious areas and clean it prior to the storm water entering the San Marcos River.