Growing Antique Roses March 6th
Roses are a must for some gardeners, so we created a workshop to show people how to grow roses in Central Texas. Learn about the different varieties that will thrive in the Hill Country and how to keep them healthy and blooming. Alex, our resident plant expert, will show people how easy planting roses can be - you don't want to miss this. Click here for more information.

Plant Propagation March 13th
Propagating plants is a fun hobby that with a little practice can result in plants by the plenty. Come learn basic skills, tips and tricks for propagating all types of plants. This workshop will cover growing seeds, starting cuttings, layering techniques and more. Workshop includes opportunity for hands on experience and a free small plant to take home! Register now as seats are limited. Click here for more information.  

Korean Natural Farming March 27th
Take part in a cultural practice that has led to a sustainable method of farming and cultivating crops. This course spans over two days with the first class introducing the art of Korean Natural Farming, and the second being a hands on practice of skills you learn. Find out why microorganisms are so important not just to plants you grow but also to your own body. Click here to register; seats are limited.

Spring Veggie Garden April 3rd
Spring is a great time to work on that veggie garden. Not sure where to start? Alex, our plant specialist, can show you the ropes. The knowledge and skills she shares in this workshop are invaluable so you won't want to miss this. Having trouble with your crops? Bring your questions to this workshop and Alex can point you in the right direction. Register soon as there is limited seating. Click here for more information.  

Master Composter April 8th
Become a certified compost master in just two weeks. This mini course meets for several days and includes lectures as well as field experience. Learn different forms, techniques, practices and skill sets to compost at home, work, or school. For the first time ever, Phil Gosh from Organics by Gosh! will be giving a presentation over his composting facility in East Austin.This workshop, by State of Texas Alliance Recycling (S.T.A.R), is well worth your time, register soon as seats are limited.  To register contact Amy Kirwin

Herb Workshop April 17th
Stop by this workshop if you are interested in growing and harvesting herbs at home. Learn how to collect and store local herbs for teas and brews. Take home seeds and test your green thumb by growing local herbs in your kitchen! Taught by a local herbalist, so you won't want to miss this class. Click here for more information.

Recycling 101 April 24th
Interested in recycling but aren't quite sure where to start? This workshop will answer all your questions. Come learn where the San Marcos community can recycle materials and what all can be recycled. You will learn the importance of recycling and why it matters to our city. Recycling impacts our environment, economy, and of course our very home so put it in your calendar because this workshop falls on Earth day! Register soon, because seats are limited. Click here for more information.

Tree Walk & Talk May 1st
Come on a walk with Kelly Eby, our Urban Forester and let's talk trees. Adventure through the new Arboretum Trail and discover an assortment native and adapted trees that are great for the landscape. Learn about the benefits trees have to offer, and bring your tree questions for Kelly to answer! Take a stroll and get back to nature with this spring's tree walk. Click here to register.