Preferred Scenario Map Updates

A city initiated amendment to the Preferred Scenario Map is being proposed in order to support the adoption of Code SMTX. The purpose of the amendment is to:

  • Differentiate current Areas of Stability into Existing Neighborhoods and Low Intensity Areas. 
  • Incorporate Land Use Corridors to guide the type of growth or conservation areas along major transportation corridors identified in the new Transportation Master Plan.
  • Update the open space layer to reflect new information, and 
  • Adjust the boundaries of Intensity and Employment Zones to fill in gaps and reflect current development trends and transportation improvements.

Description of Preferred Scenario Map Areas

  1. Open Space/ Agricultural Area
  2. Low Intensity Area
  3. Existing Neighborhood Area
  4. Medium or High Intensity Area
  5. Land Use Corridors
  6. Employment Zones

An area which is typically undeveloped and which is generally suitable for limited rural residential, conservation, drainage, or agricultural uses.

Current and Proposed Preferred Scenario Maps

Click the images below to download and zoom into the maps.  If you have questions about specific properties or would like to speak with a planner about the proposed changes please contact us at (512) 393-8230.

Proposed Preferred Scenario Map