2018 Community Development Block Grant Action Plan

The City of San Marcos receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds each year from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The new funding year, Program Year 2018 (PY 2018) begins October 1, 2018 and ends September 30, 2019. In order to receive the funding, the City must create a document called the "Annual Action Plan" which details how the funds will be allocated, who will benefit from the funded programs/projects, and establishes goals for each activity.

The City's allocation amount is $649,948.

Citizen Participation

The Action Plan process must include opportunities for citizen participation. This is accomplished in a number of ways, including staff-hosted Applicant and Stakeholder Workshops and a City Council public hearing. Citizen comments are accepted at each of these meetings and incorporated into the Action Plan. After Council determines what programs and projects will be funded in the 2018 Action Plan, CDBG staff prepare the Action Plan draft. The draft is made available for review and comment in print form and on the City's webpage for 30 days. Once the comment period has been completed any comments that have been received are incorporated into the document and the Action Plan is forwarded to HUD for their review.

2018 - CDBG Action Plan - (PDF)