Flood Damage Assessment of Homes


the City of San Marcos is doing flood damage assessment of homes in order to force residents to raise their homes or to "land grab." This is not true


The City is assessing damage to get a clear understanding of the impact of the flood. Additionally, the City is filing a Disaster Summary Report to the State of Texas. View an example (PDF) of what the form looks like .You will see that it requires damage to be categorized by type of home (single family, mobile home, multi-family unit) and the type of damage (affected, minor, major, destroyed).

This information is gathered from municipalities and counties and issued to the State. The governor uses it to decide if he will request a disaster declaration from the President of the United States. The President's actions after he reviews the report determines if federal disaster aid like FEMA is made available to disaster victims in the affected areas. View the fact sheet on the declaration process.